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Chronic FatigueToolkit
Identify the Toxins and Triggers that are
Zapping Your Energy and Hijacking Your Immune System!

... Because any problem is easier to solve once you understand it.

You’ve probably tried countless professional recommendations to solve your chronic health issue. 

Tests, supplements, treatments. And, it doesn't feel like you have much to show for it.

It's frustrating! We get it. 

When the standard "do or take this" doesn't work, there is most likely an underlying cause that isn't easily identified. It's TRICKY!

You're the one closest to the problem. So, you need the tools to do some "sleuthing" on your own ... when you've got the time to listen to what your body is telling you. 

That's why we are offering a few of the tools we use with patients. We want you to feel empowered to develop your own ideas about what is really causing the problem.

  • Identify the root or underlying cause of stubborn health conditions
  • Develop insight that will help you solve just about any problem you are facing
  • Feel empowered to take charge and actively participate in your healthcare plan

Free time is a precious commodity. The toolkit will be available for YOU on YOUR schedule. 

Grab the Chronic Fatigue Toolkit today! 

Your body is designed to heal itself. It's just a matter of identifying and removing the interference!

Here's What You'll Get...

Tricky Toxins Symptom Survey (Toxins are related to most chronic health issues)

Tricky Toxins Companion Guidebook (Detail information related to the toxins identified)

Timeline Triggers Tool (Identify what contributed to or caused the problem initially)

Timeline Triggers Instruction Video (Honestly, the tool can solve most mysteries if you use it wisely)

And, consider the Intuition Booster add-on (Quiet your conscious mind without meditation)

Chronic Fatigue Toolkit$29

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Get to the root cause of the problem easier!

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Intuition Booster Quick Start Guide 

  • Increase awareness in under 5 minutes
  • Identify key patterns and behaviors
  • Create regular "AHA" moments 
  • Includes a companion worksheet with easy to follow prompts

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Dr. Gala Gorman is the Founder of the Immunocompetence Institute. She is an oriental medicine practitioner (acupuncturist and herbalist) and naturopath ... passionate about giving people a better choice and a real solution for restoring their health.

With her early background in business, she easily taps into the logical side of medicine. Her belief is that science and art can work together to facilitate healing. 

As the name of the institute suggests, your immune system is competent and fully equipped to do its job. You just need to know how to eliminate what’s causing the malfunction so that the immune system can be effectively “rebooted” to restore full functionality!